My letterpress studio at the I. FellThe Collective Press   415 W 4th St       Bloomington, IN 47404

The Collective Press moved it’s letterpress studio into the north-east corner of the I Fell Building the summer of 2012. Posters, signs, cards, bookmarks, and monoprints, etc. are printed here using antique printing presses, old wood and metal type, and a variety of artist’s tools.


Bloomington Treads T-shirt design


My partner and I also make screen printed clothing in a private print shop out in the woods. Since 2008 I have printed and sold tons of Bloomington bicycle-inspired T-shirt designs and am stoked to be thinking of new designs and ventures with a new partner! Things can only go up from here.





HISTORY + SPECS: The Collective Press was formed in 2008 when I was gifted a screen printing press and decided to share it with the neighborhood. It started as a collaborative print shop and numerous T-shirts and posters were made for bands and local businesses, as well as several Bloomington bike-related T-shirt designs.


After a dissolution a short time after, it became a private print shop and I began collecting letterpress equipment and antique printing presses. I currently use a magnetic sign press and a Vandercook 325G. I have a Chandler and Price Gordon New Style press who turns 100 this year, and am in the slow process of restoring him. I have a decent amount of wood and metal type but am always looking for more. I collect bastard type, busted type, old wood cuts, blocks, arrows, dingbats, whathaveyou. I am open to presses, too, of course.  Don’t hesitate to ask me if I am interested in something.





My space at the I. Fell Building

The Historic I Fell Buiding is the home of over a dozen artist’s studios and artistic businesses. There is a large gallery space which rotates art each month. We regularly  participate in “First-Fridays” with new work in the gallery, open studios, and often entertainment–the first Friday of the month from 6-9pm! When approved and weather permits, we shut down the street and turn it into a block party. Come on down and support your local art scene.

We are happy to say we are very family friendly around here. Check out more information about the I Fell Building here:  www.ifellbloomington.com




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